Global Logistics System is one of the world’s leading forwarder and known as GLS in air freight, ocean freight, End to End Supply chain management, Project Handling, Land transport , Custom brokerage, Warehousing, Distribution and logistics services providing industry . With over the decades of experience and professional skills in the international transportation services, using state of the art Information technologies . GLS is able to provide the globally integrated, door to door services according to customer’s requirement offering customers a very complete procedure at the very cost effective prices.
GLS is also very glad to inform all our customers and overseas partners that GLS is also handling the project handling for Afghan trade including commercial basis, Non commercial basis ( Diplomatic cargoes ).

We believe that GLS would be one of the best partners in your international trade from Pakistan. In order to provide the most optimal services to customers, our air freight and ocean freight cargo handling specialists maintain close and cooperative relationship with all major carriers in trade. 
GLS is able to provide all answers to your transportation requirements.
GLS provides an unparalleled service network via dedicated team of professionals and associates throughout the world. We have a truly independent, private network and able to respond quickly to market changes and implement long term plans , without unnecessary interference or delay.